Moving forward together at Knightec

Moving forward together at Knightec

At Knightec, we believe in the power of forward-looking, border-crossing collaborations driven by us, regardless of circumstances and economic conditions.  


With a high ambition combined with the ability to make a real difference, whether developing respirators during a pandemic or the next generation of medical technology, Knightec is at the forefront. At Knightec, you get the perks of being an employee with the flexibility of a consultant. An excellent starting ground for your career as a fresh graduate. Work with well-known companies and expand your understanding of the industry from within. Grab the opportunity to fine-tune your skills and become the best professional version of yourself.  


When asking newly graduated colleagues why they’ve joined Knightec, one thing they tell us is it’s due to the steep learning curve. For us, it’s crucial that you get well-integrated into the business and feel appreciated and contribute from day one. We value strong leadership and ensure that you get a personal and close relationship with your leader alongside a great support network and knowledge sharing from the rest of the Knightec team. Join us and create solid relations and long-term commitments based on care, trust, openness, and inclusion. We look forward to getting to know you!  


At Knightec, you can expect that we are forward-leaning. We believe in the strength of forward-looking collaborations across borders where we are in the driver’s seat – independent of circumstances and economic conditions. We move our clients, ourselves, industry, and society forward. We partner with our clients and solve problems in cross-functional teams composed of people from different backgrounds and fields of expertise. We are responsible – we do everything with a long-term commitment. Our work should contribute to building a more intelligent and sustainable world.  


We dare to say that we are all the things above. But it is for you to find out. We welcome you who seek to be part of something bigger, fulfilling a purpose with passionate people. Do you want to work with the need-to-have solutions of tomorrow? Then join us and be part of something bigger!

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